Torment RPG of the Year Edition Torment Developer's Copy
Torment Memorial Box (German)

4 disks inside 4 cd jewel case
5 Torment collector's cards, image on front, white on back
(cards are made of thin paper material, not cardstock)
Patch CD in paper sleeve
Instruction booklet
Fold out double-sided poster
Registration card

Torment White Box versions (UK and Germany)
Torment Strategy Guide: by Prima Torment Strategy Guide (German)
Torment Soundtracks: Two different promo soundtracks have been noted featuring the game music plus previously unreleased music. Torment Promo T-Shirt: This is the design on the backside of both versions of the Torment promo T-shirt.
Torment Promo T-Shirt: This is the one given to consumers with the regular Torment logo on the upper left of the shirt. Torment Promo Development Team T-Shirt: This shirt was given exclusively to those working on the game.
Torment Promo Poster: This poster was apparantly for store display, done up more like a movie poster. Torment Promo Poster: Some were sent flat to hang in stores, other smaller, folded, double-sided versions were included inside European versions of the game.
Torment promo mouse pad: 8x11" foam backed mousepad. Also rumored to have been given out with Torment coffee mugs. Torment Promo Trading Card: Not much is known about this save that it appears to be a laminated trading promo trading card for the game's release. Click image to see both front and back