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Planes of Chaos

# 2603
Publish Date: 1994
Item Type: Box Set
Original Price: $30.00

Estimated Value
Near Mint: $32.00
Very Good: $19.00

  • The Book of Chaos (128 pages)
  • The Travelogue (48 pages)
  • Chaos Adventures (32 pages)
  • Monstrous Supplement (32 pages)
  • 5 fold-out double-sided poster maps:
    -Abridged lexicon of the Abyss/Map of the Abyss
    -Map of Arborea/Drawing of Elshava and Amun-thys
    -Map of Limbo/Drawing of Shra'kt'lor
    -Map of Pandemonium/Drawing of Hruggekolohk
    -Map of Ysgard/Drawing of Nidavellir