Treasury of Archaic Names

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Treasury of Archaic Names

Type: Supplement
System: Universal
Author(s): Bill Owen, Hunter Gordon, Leslie Johnson
     Editor(s): Hunter Gordon, Leslie Johnson
     Artist(s): Steve Bryant, Chad Fidler
     Cartography:  Judges Guild
Date Published: 2001 (March)
Format: 64-page book
Original Price: $12.95


This handy Judges reference provides tables for the random generation of olden names, nicknames, titles, towns, and tavern names for fantasy (and science-fiction) role-playing games.  The English language and it antecendants such as Celtic, Teutonic, Scandinavian, Latin, and Greek tongues have been used as sources, so that name meanings would be on the fringes of the familiar and exotic simultaneously.  A good name will establish a character's personality, or an inn's or village's atmosphere and history; it encourages a credible rapport and reminds players that all of the characters have a strong self-interest and identity in the game.  Various tables are provided with extensive guidelines to their application.  The tables provide over 320,000 possible name combinations.

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This is an update for #96 Treasury of Archaic Names with more names and new format.


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Treasury of Archaic Names