Citadel of Fire

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Title: Citadel of Fire
Type: Scenario
System: d20 Dungeons & Dragons
Author(s): Bob Bledsaw, Steve Edwards, Steve Stottrup
     Editor(s): Greg Geilman
     Artist(s): William McAusland, Stephan Poag
     Cartography:  Robert Conley
Date Published: 2007
Format: 128-page book
Original Price: $21.99


An adventure for levels 12-14.  For centuries, mighty wizards have dwelled within the Citadel of Fire, a menacing spire carved by demons from blck stone.  An artifact long sought has been found, and the wizards' diabolical plans are soon come to pass.  Woe to the people of the land: the Citadel of Fire shall soon be unleashed!

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This is an d20 updated version of #63 Citadel of Fire.


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Citadel of Fire